Saturday, November 3, 2012

fall into fun

This used to be my husband's most dreaded job as a home-owner...but he didn't have three little boys to bring it to life when he started. These days, collecting our yard leaves is more of a big play event for the kids while Dad works around them and with them to get the job done. Our boys love the huge leaf piles their Dad makes for them and in the end the work gets done around a lot of play. One thing I loved about my hubs when we were dating...he always made the not-so-fun jobs extra fun and enjoyable...and he does it still today for our boys. I'm a blessed wife, but they are some pretty blessed kids.

 Austin in action...he made the leaf a whole week's worth of fun as his Dad came home each night and worked on different parts of the yard.

 Watching Dad with the leaf blower...our buddy, Wil, wasn't so sure at first!

 I was not kidding when I said HUGE leaf piles :)

 Our dear roomie, Nat, even got roped in for some, I mean, fun!

 This boy will be sad when we can't go outdoors anymore all day...and so will this mama!

 He loves any and all action outside!

 Jaxon and Austin had a system for pulling broken sticks down and old leaves...pretty comical to see their idea come to life with some random yard tools. 

 Carson enjoying the leaf blower action :)

 Our leaf jumping boys!

These two little boys just make me smile...perfect age for leaf fun. these are the days! 


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