Friday, November 9, 2012

Backyard Fall Fun!

I'm not sure how this started, other then inviting some friends to stop by for soup before trick-or-treating about 5 years ago...but this little event has grown into one big fun fall party for pretty much anyone and everyone who wants to come! Our boys look forward to this every year and between all the good food and assortment of friends and cute little people dressed up, it is an enjoyed night by all. I love hosting to so many friends and their kids and having everyone gather together. It's short and simple and then all head out to trick-or-treat. This year we moved it to the back-yard because our house was packed wall to wall last year and it got a bit...crazy :) the backyard was perfect and I think this will become a new tradition to add to the fall party plans.

We had plenty for everyone...from smores and desserts... hanging donuts for kids... soups and sides. Last year I ran out of food (sorry!!), so I made plenty this year!!!

Carson slept through the first half of the party, then he made an Peter Pan!

It was neat to gather everyone on our back porch. We spent a lot of time on our porch this last summer enjoying many meals and quiet times and art time and snack times and just sit and chat times. Ending the season with friends on that same porch that was our gathering point so often was a perfect ending to celebrate the joy our home brings to us. And we're so happy to share it with others.

We had a campfire going to keep warm and roast marshmallows...of course!

The weather worked in our favor even, thankful!

 Such cute little monsters at this event!!

We pulled it off this year with help from our awesome roomie...Thanks Natalie!! You saved me :)

Lots of toddlers who were just babes last year, so fun to see them change year to year. I think we had 6 infant car-seats sitting in our living room at one point last they were running around!

And once dark came, we hit the streets for some candy! We have always driven from house to house of people we know each year. That just started to become not very enjoyable as the big kids just wanted to trick-or-treat "for real". We did a lot of driving around town and by the end we were all wiped. So this year we let them walk and walk they did! They were excited to go!

We started off with some friends from the party and then headed to a neighborhood where we usually end our Halloween nights anyways .. more to come on our boys first walking experience on trick-or-treating night. :)

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