Monday, November 5, 2012

Austin's First's...

Our little preschooler was so excited for his first BUS ride that took him on his first FIELD TRIP to of all places! He loves things on wheels and loves farms so this was like a super cool day for him!! As a parent with school aged children, there are a few things I have committed to doing as my children grow and attending field trips is one of them. I try my best to go on all trips and love the time to spend with my boys peers and teacher and experience things with them along the way. I was so looking forward to Mr.Austin's first bus ride because he has talked about it for years.  I remember sitting on the bus next to Jaxon for his first ride and to do it again with the next one was so neat. I love these days and these little moments that will shape our future and what stands between us as parents and them as grown children. These little years really matter and I can't say it enough, I'm so very blessed to be so present in their everyday lives. 

 First Bus ride!

 He has a couple pals in his class, so sweet to see them. Austin and this buddy, Addelyn, were born just days apart...these preschool days seemed so far away, but here they are!

 I can't say enough about Austin's preschool teacher. We love her! She is everything a mama wants for her little one as they go off to school for the first time...patience, gentle, warm, kind, understanding  and so very good at what she does. Austin is learning lots in the academic end, making new friends, and his heart is being filled with God's truth. So blessed by a Jesus loving teacher sharing her gifts with my boy!

You might be surprised...or maybe not :) But, Austin could have stayed here all day! he loved the farm atmosphere and soaked it all in. He often tells us when he grows up he is going to live on a farm with his 6 children :)

Thank you to the Koenen's for sharing their home with his preschool class....a perfect first farm field trip!


Brianne said...

I seem to remember taking a trip to a farm when I was a girl. Time flies. :)

Melissa said... these pics, Jess!! Thanks for sharing:) HUGS