Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 is our new number!

Yes, it is true! If you haven't guessed by now...we are moving the Hansen Family member number from 5 to 6! We were a little (okay, a lot) surprised when we discovered we were having another baby this soon...but we are so, so excited! (Turns out if you sell most of your baby stuff and give your maternity clothes away that it is a good time to get pregnant :)

All of our boys are almost FOUR years apart! These two little ones will be a mere 22 months...whoa, baby! And true story for all those hoping for pink... as we took these above photos, the pink balloon literally popped after one photo. No lie. We cracked up laughing! Boy or girl, we are looking forward to rounding our number up to six this spring and are so blessed to bring another child of God into our family. I've entered the 2nd trimester and couldn't be more thankful to slowly be leaving the very pukey feeling days behind...oy, pregnant in your 30's is a little tougher then in your 20's :)  Either way, sick or not, I am feeling blessed to do this all over again...even a short 14 months later from my last pregnancy!!

We are so excited to meet you little one! You are about to find yourself in the middle of one loud, crazy, and love filled home...welcome :)


Joyful said...

Very exciting, Jess! 22 months apart will be just fine. I survived. And you will have some big helpers!! The first 6 months are a little challenging, but you're a pro. ;) Thanks for sharing your great news!

Joyful said...

P.S. Joyful = Sarah H.

Karen and Brett said...

I thought about your maturnity clothes that I bought from you when I found out! haha :) Congrats again!! So excited for you family of 6 :)