Monday, November 19, 2012

1st Hoopin' Days

We have slowly let Jaxon dip into a little bit of sports and this is the first year he has played on a 5 on 5 team that regularly practices and plays in a few tourneys. It is through a great set of parents who coach the kids at a local church and really know the game. We are blessed with the caring adults involved and the team building that they are working to develop, along with good fundamental skills and fun. Jaxon had the taste of his first team tourney this last weekend and it was really fun to watch and learn together. With this kid, I think this is just the beginning of bleacher sitting and snack providing for us!!

 Headed out the door. He was pretty excited! Maybe a little nervous :)

 He is #22...and looked so big at home in his jersey...until we got to the tourney. Then I thought he looked so little next to some of those other teams!

 In action!

 He played 3 games pretty much all in a row...they were a tired bunch of boys at the end. He fell asleep with me in bed by 8:30 :)

 On my wish list...a good camera. Too many memories coming up that need to be captured...and my $100 canon just isn't going to get them all I'm afraid :(

 These boys were sure cute to watch and they are learning so much these first years.

Maybe my favorite part...this team involves lots of Jesus loving good families. We are so thankful for a chance for our boy to learn alongside great kids and great parents!! Look forward to our next bleacher days together...

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