Monday, October 15, 2012

We...played inside!

This summer was very, very hot. Some days we just found a little relief inside and headed out back after dinner. Three boys always seem to keep things busy around here and I love seeing them develop their own relationships amongst each other. As I always tell them, brothers make the best of friends....but even best friends fight sometimes :)

I try to keep our toy collection to a decent amount and provide plenty of creative playing toys. The blocks in this house get used for a variety of garages, villages, trophy stands, bowling pins, letter making, towers, roads, football fields, and so on.

We pulled out some of Austin's old ride-on toys for Carson.

Austin loved showing him how to use it and Carson loved the music!

Every so often the three of them will engage in one thing together...every so often :)

Games, games, and games...

And yes, some movie watching!

Carson fell in love with the football this summer and carried this one everywhere for a long time.

Made this big brother happy!

A busy family room floor...

Sometimes I just filled up a tub of water for some indoor play time. Carson loves water, but hates his baths...until recently! Most of his baths were outside this summer!

Lazy summer for these!

And my busy, busy climber. Always.

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