Sunday, October 28, 2012

fall & friends

This fall we've had some fun play dates with some sweet little friends...I don't have pictures of them all, but here's a hand full of them!

Our neighbor boy, Jakey, made a day trip one weekend and Austin got to spend some great time with his old best buddy. These two play so well together and Austin is still sad they moved away. What a fun surprise to see his buddy after many months.

Austin also finds great joy with his feathered friends. I love this picture of him hugging his hen, Rosie!

Jaxon and Mason have been pals since they were in diapers. I love that they still share a real friendship with one another. They are always making plans for sleep-overs and get togethers that often times don't involve parent approval until last minute! As moms, we are the last to know...but it's easy to say yes to these two!

The kids had a super fun sleep-over with some of our friends with four kids. It was so fun to watch this crew. They had a blast and even with only one girl, I think they each enjoyed their time together! Funny stories from this night!

 All tucked in for movie and popcorn...and some fun :) probably more fun to be had if I hadn't ruined one boy said to me when I laid on the couch..."Are YOU going to sleep there"? When I replied yes he was deeply disappointed :)

These two are becoming pals. Jax has been offering to help more with Carson and Carson loves his big brother. He lights up when he gets in the van after school and shrieks from joy when Jaxon plays peek a boo with him. This night Jaxon took over bathing, pj dressing, and story reading duty. He's going to come in handy!

We can't forget our pal, Natalie!! If you didn't know, we have a roommate this school year! Natalie is a senior at UNI and we've known her since she was little. She's grown up with our boys and has been our go-to gal for any baby-sitting or house or dog help for the last 5-6 years. We will miss her when she really grows up :) She is a busy gal, but when she is here she jumps right in to play with our busy boys or help where she can. She's an A+ gal and we're blessed to have her in our home this year.

And don't forget these two day a week two of our favorite little boys join us for the day and we keep busy with all kinds of things. On one of our random summer like October days they were fire-fighters. We love our little friends and are thankful for the circle of friends that surround our family, truly blessed.

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