Monday, October 29, 2012

best pumpkin ever

If you read this post from my In the Trenches Blog, Gardener's Harvest, you will understand the joy I wanted my middle son to find when he discovered this pumpkin... However, I stretched the truth a bit. You see, my wonderful husband accidentally cut the vine off when he was weeding one day with the weed-eter thingy. I didn't have the heart to tell Austin that his dad killed his pumpkin vines and so like any good mother, I plotted to let him think he is the best pumpkin grower on the block. I couldn't help myself and bought this lovely large pumpkin from a sweet mama farmer and her children down at the market. I hid the pumpkin in the garage and placed it in his little patch the next day. Austin believes almost everything you tell him, so when he found the pumpkin I told him it was the one he grew! He was SO excited. I may be a liar here, but the pure joy it brought him made us all smile around here!! 
Besides, he'll never know or at least not until he's years older and it doesn't matter anymore :) Right?

 Finding it...
 What!?!? Yes...your pumpkin grew!
 Carrying it away...
 Proud pumpkin grower... :)