Thursday, October 25, 2012

a day for him

The second day of our get-away was for him... doing his favorite thing ever, Vikings game! He had some connections and managed to get some field passes, so we sat on the field for this game and not his season ticket seats.  He was pretty excited! It was a cool atmosphere and fun to see all the work that goes into making a game happen on TV.  Vikings even won and made the game that much more fun! Dave has been coming up to games for years and often takes Jaxon or a buddy or two. I get to tag along once every few years. Happy he shared his big day with me this weekend...I love to see him in his happy place!

Headed into the dome!

We were able to walk around the field before the's so big!

 Scoping out pre-game warm-ups. Those NFL players are HUGE in person!!

 One of the Hansen family fave's and our dog is even named after this guy...Percy!

Vikings mascot...can you believe he used to be a middle school counselor?

I so appreciate this as a mother with sports loving kids... professional athletes on bended knee. I hope kids see this along with those amazing touch down passes and big tackles.

Our seats were literally right on the there were some great moments right in front of us, as well as some moments I could only see from the Big screen. But still fun to be down there!

Vikings date :)

We had a GREAT weekend doing a little of both of our favorites. It's nice to get away and remember we still have fun together away from our kids... a tradition I hope we make happen more then every 3-4 years!

Games are so fun for my babe...he actually just left with our oldest boy for tonight's Thursday night game! Go purple!!

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