Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a day for her

My wonderful hubby planned a weekend away for just him and me. We haven't done this in years and it was a welcomed trip used for some R & R and a little fun. The first day he indulged me...Main St walking in Stillwater, MN, apple orchard, and relaxing at the bed and breakfast. Everything this gal loves and my man happily tagged along with :) He must have been practicing because every time I asked him if he wanted to go into a new store to browse he responded with no eye rolling and an enthusiastic "yes". For a bit, I thought I brought the wrong man with me:) But he was the best all day!!

I love to just browse junk or antique stores and book stores. We literally roamed the streets for a few hours and he never complained about any store I wanted to poke my head in. This toy display caught my attention and I took a picture for my car loving boy.

High-light of the strip...Cherry Berry! The only thing we bought...and well worth it. This frozen yogurt place made me happy in many ways. Great yogurt and fun atmosphere. And I didn't have to share.  I think we need one! No really, its.that.good.

Our view. It was such a pretty town!

The apple orchard was kind of a dud, but we laughed a lot and got away with only losing a little time and 10 dollars worth of caramel apples for the kids.

We arrived to our bed and breakfast and you literally had to pry me off the bed. So comfy and I was ku-put. Here's the peaceful view from our room...I have it memorized since I honestly never left the bed most the night!

A quick dinner out and stroll by the river...

And we were back here by 6:30!! Bath and bed for this gal...and couldn't have been happier!

Thank you, thank you honey for a much relaxing day. It was needed and the next day was made for him...:)


Becky Bartlett said...

Nice work, Dave!!!!

Melissa said...

Yay!! Love that!! You deserved it ..........and it sounded relaxing :)

Kris Hoskinson said...

LOVE it. dave hansen you impress me!