Friday, September 21, 2012

Preschooler to Stay!

I have been waiting to post my little preschooler here, as the first week or so we had a hesitant little man! He talked of preschool all summer and was really excited for his back to school night and it went down hill from there... until his snack and sharing day :) Last year, Austin did home-school preschool right along-side his big brother and I think he though GOING to preschool was just a one time glorified play-date kind of thing. He begged to do home-school every night before he went to sleep those first couple weeks. Broke my heart, yet I knew he would get so much out of going to preschool this year. Luckily his snack day came up pretty early on the list and we all know Austin loves his food. He turned the corner when he got to choose snack and bring his treasure box for show n'tell. He has a wonderful teacher this year, a perfect fit for his personality, and a gentle heart for little ones whom also loves Jesus. We just couldn't be happier and now it's safe to say, Austin feels the same too! Happy Preschool days, monster!

 Back to school night!

First day picture took A LOT of coaxing. 

And we are ready for real this time...

He found some trains right away at preschool and seemed to settle into his new environment with some help from his sweet teachers. (Which by the way goes by the names "Mr. Knapp" (Mrs. Knapp), "Mrs. Boston" (Mrs. Walsten) and "Mrs. Not Very Old-I can't remember her name" (Mrs. Love)!

And to celebrate the first day... McDonald's with his preschool pal, Addelyn!

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Cori said...

Awww....bless his little heart. Eva started preschool this year and did great the first few times but then this week we hit a big ol' bump! Crying and clinging to me when I left! :-( Hard on Mommy's heart for sure! I know she loves it and we'll work through this! She's been begging to go for over a year now......