Wednesday, September 5, 2012

harvest time

Rows along corn fields are starting to disappear and the tractors are paving a way for one of my favorite things of the year. Sweet corn in Iowa! My dad said it best, "I'm not sure how this summer gave me my best crop of sweet corn ever, but even with no did." And the Hansen family is thankful! We made two trips to shuck corn and fill up my laundry basket so I could freeze some up for this winter. I calculated how much I would save doing this verses buying frozen corn at the grocery store and it topped over $100! Well worth my carpel tunnel and dreams of yellow kernels falling out of my bags :) Thanks dad for the best corn yet! We will enjoy it all winter long!!

 My dad and over 80 grandpa shucking my sweet corn. Always a helping hand at the farm.

 Carson Baby loved a little corn milk while we worked

 I should have counted the ears, but it made a lot. 26 full quarts worth!
 Walking out to the fields to pick some more...

 My farm boy following his love :)

 A helping hand from the little people too!

 Home-grown Hansen boy!
 I loved having the corn, but I loved doing it together more. G'pa & G'ma with two of their 10 grand-kids!

 Going for a ride!

 Walking the field on the way back

 We had plenty to go around...sweet corn ready for another season!

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