Monday, September 24, 2012

first fall hike

 I love escaping with my boys to our local reserve area. It's really peaceful and pretty and plenty to do! The boys love to run the trails, climb on trees and fallen tree trunks, and hike up and down the hills. Today was perfect weather for heading over and we even let Carson get out of the back-pack and do his own hiking today.

 There is something about getting your kids out of their norm. They get new eyes when they head into a territory rarely taken and the space to just be free, especially for boys, is just priceless.

 Carson loved, loved following behind his big brothers. He couldn't keep up...but he sure tried!

 He peeked through many trees and leaves and enjoyed the big world around him. He is another outside loving boy.

 Our three boys these days...
 ...full of life, energy, and character.

 Carson did some climbing as well...

 and his brothers kept an eye on him :)

  The big boys climbed down the side of the "mountain" while little man and I checked out the big deck.

This was spotted on our way back. Jaxon had Austin convinced Indians lived here. Poor kid believes anything.

Happy Hansen boys...hiked their little hearts out and came back to take a long nap. A perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me? :)

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