Sunday, September 23, 2012

Egg-cellent news!

Well folks, the time has finally come. It's like Christmas morning here when one of us walks out to find a treasure in the chicken coop! We've got eggs! The girls are slowly one by one starting to lay and we've made a few breakfasts with our back-yard fresh eggs. It's pretty fun :)

 I had read that you can "trick" your hens  a bit by placing fake eggs in the nesting boxes. This helps them know where to lay and to get used to sitting on their eggs. No kidding, we put our fake eggs out and the very next day we had our first official egg. Austin thought for sure our plan worked!

 These gals are almost full grown and soon their eggs will be large enough to replace our egg supply permanently. Can't wait!

 Jaxon officially found it, with Austin in the coop with him. They came screaming out of the egg-cited!

 Austin also thought it was because all his loving on them that they started laying. i suppose happy hens do make the best eggs :)

 Our first egg!
 We decided to do something fun with the first egg. We had a family camp-fire that night and thought frying over the fire was a great way remember our first layed egg.

 It was small, but perfect. Happy, happy we can say we have finally got fresh eggs coming!

Tasted good and all... looking forward to the freshness these gals will bring to our table in the years to come.

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