Monday, September 17, 2012

Backbone State Park

 We really have some beautiful parks in our state and I don't know why we don't visit this one more often?  It's only an hours drive and the scenery here is breath-taking. We soaked up one of our final sunny summer like Sunday's by spending the day here a few weeks ago. We packed a picnic, loaded the van, and snagged our dear neighbor friend to head down the high-way. The weather cooperated, the kids did the same, and we all enjoyed the day trip out of town.

 We hiked for a bit and then braved the water walking up-stream. Our adventure loving boy loved it! Though Carson was in the back=pack...he was eyeing the fun at ground level himself!!

 We saw a variety of birds and hawks and the greenery even with a dry summer was still awesome.

 River walking...Dave and I did this when we were first married, before was fun to trek the same spot with our 3 boys now!

 And it was so warm, we got in the water! The beach was great and had paddle boats and sand and plenty of sunshine...good ole Midwest September day.

 Dave loves hiking and he took the boys for a "real man hike". Whatever that is....I probably don't want to know!

 Carson Baby was a trooper all day. A well deserved nap on our way back.

We of course made a pit stop to see the largest strawberry and get some Orchard apples!

 I grew up visiting this very same ice-cream stop on our way back from the park. I think it's for sale now, but we enjoyed some last sweet treats before it closes.

We really shouldn't wait so long to head back here again...

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