Friday, August 3, 2012

when you have 7 hrs

We have been blessed with pretty darn good traveling kids. Jaxon and Austin have been known to go 5+ hours without stopping in the van. It makes family vacations much easier when the kids can go with the tune of the trip. Carson arrived though and from day one decided he did NOT like his car-seat or riding very far. Very far, as in even the 5 minute drive to church! When we planned this vacation for 7 hours away, I was a little hesitant, but I had high hopes that our freshly turned 1 year old would be ready to fall in like his big brothers and keep our family road-tripping streak a positive one. I will give the youngest credit for the most part. He took a lot of my energy to keep entertained (or distracted, whichever you prefer) and my car-sick self doing my best to not eat while on the road or look backwards so I could sit in back and keep the boy as happy as I could. I packed new car packs for the big boys with lots of new fun activity books, movies, markers, flash cards, and treats. Between refreshing on our presidents, learning new bugs, and watching a movie or two, our big boys kept their good streak of traveling road side. We'll keep working on the newbie :)
 Busy on the way to the fun zone!
 My view from here.... double screens, workbooks, and a not so sure baby :)

 We made a really good pit stop that was slightly out of the way...
 But, as you can see... well worth it!
 Each boy ran, climbed, slid, and jumped enough to get them through the next few hours tied down.

The ride home went a little smoother...and quieter. I am not kidding, these kids were passed out before we even hit the main road! 7 minutes in to be exact :) I think they had a good vacation!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

love the sleeping pic on the way home:)