Friday, August 10, 2012

water babies

While many vacation days were spent right by the edge of the lake, the babies on the trip caught on quick and fell in love with the wet fun too. The water was pretty clean and had a nice recently placed sand bottom. My babe was all over and his baby cousin was more my kind of gal as she floated away her time on the water :) What sweet visions I have of all the babes reflecting off the waters edge. Happy vacation memories to me!
 He loved it! And was on the go! Carson just crawls straight into deep waters without looking back. He is kind of an all or nothing kind of guy!

 Jazzy on the other hand just hung out in her little seat, content to watch the action or maybe in her head was thinking "geesh, relax, already cuz"!

 So Fun!
 Playing babies

 Don't worry...I stayed close the whole time. But as soon as he went to nap, I found my floatie to recover :)
 We didn't have a tub, so we improvised. Carson seemed to love the outdoors bathing option so much I've adopted it for back home. Hmmmm, not sure what to do once cold nights hit since he refuses to sit in the normal bath-tub inside!
 Even this little baby on the way was happy by the water :) Baby girl will be joining us for the next family vacation all on her own!

The last night we had the prettiest rainbow, double rainbow actually. Rainbows always make me think of our little baby friend with Jesus already. It was a sweet way to end vacation, thankful for all our babies surrounding us and for one special one who already is enjoying beautiful places like this on a daily basis. A good reminder of whats to come for us someday!

I know, he loved the water so much I got this face when I teased him by getting too close but not getting in. I kinda felt the same way heading back from a relaxing vacation, but the best thing about vacations being over... you get to start planning for the next one!

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