Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy B-Day Dad!

The boys have been having fun planning for Dad's birthday today. They are hilarious to try and get them to keep any secrets. Not that we have any amazing surprises to share, but one would think we were giving Dad a winning lottery ticket with the excitement they get to do fun things for their Dad. I love it. Even though Dave isn't super into birthday's, I'm glad his kids have a heart to do something special for him and talk about their Dad in such a sweet way as we spend our day making things nice for him. It's good for them to think about others and what better person to practice kindness on then their very own awesome Dad on his birthday!! We just returned from an extended family vacation so I thought I'd share some pictures of our birthday boy today living it up, family vacation style. Happy Birthday to the best Dad!!!!

 We had a double rainbow our last night. You can barely see it, but it was the most brightest and beautiful rainbow I have ever seen up close. A perfect ending to our relaxing vacation.

 Dad filled in to get fish off hooks...he's good like that :)

 He even took some of the boys tenting one night...he braved the bugs, the bears, and the boys all by himself! What a guy!

 He was always up for taking you out on the canoe if you asked... son or mom, he steered you the right way.

 And he made some pretty intense Scrabble games happen. I won't play with him, so this was a treat! (side note: I cry every time I play him, so I decided it was best if I just didn't play anymore :)

 Uncle Kyle and Uncle Dave...pure fun makers! Yes, there are 6 kids piled on them.

 Who knew bad-mitten could be so competitive? i hate to say it, but I think Dave and his right hand man were 0-2 against the parents.

 I have to admit, he was super-Dad and had Carson a lot... :)

Isn't he handsome a few days not showered or shaved? Dirty or not, I love this guy I call husband! Happy, happy Birthday to one great guy!!!!

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Holly said...

Love this post!!! Happy birthday to brother, and he's pretty blessed to have such a great wife!