Thursday, August 16, 2012

a fresh start, a new year!

 The pattern in life is that seasons change and with them comes a chance for a fresh start. Today marks the beginning of another school year here around our home and we're in good spirits as we welcome the next season, hope for whats ahead. Of course, with every end to a season is a little sadness sometimes and I'd be lying if I said I was overly thrilled to send my big kid back today. I love summer time with all my blessings under the roof all day and a chance to just be together with no distractions. That said, I am also happy he is stepping into another milestone and that he is excited about it. We're all looking forward to his 3rd grade year and spent the 24 hours before celebrating a little and having a last "hoo-ray" of a day to close down summer! Welcome back to school everyone!

One of my dear friends and I swapped kids this week. I had almost an entire day to myself in my house to get things organized for school, clean some closets out, and just feel a little more prepared for this new season. It was AMAZING! I don't know the last time I had my house to myself for an extended amount of time and it was such an awesome day to clear my mind and my house! It was my turn with the kids yesterday and it was a great way to spend the day before school... my kids loved the friend time and the easy day to just play. We found plenty to do...

 We baked "Back to School" cup-cakes
 My special helper :)
 Played lots of games...
 Got our swim on!
 my boys the summer of 2012 at the pool

 Enjoyed our final pool day (okay, maybe enjoyed is an exaggeration considering it was windy and sprinkling half the time...but gal darn-it!...we were going to the pool the last day of summer!) :)
 Enjoyed pizza and cup-cakes and some back-yard games before back-to-school bed routine started...

 And he was off!
 Dad always sticks around in the morning for the first day of school... these 4 guys make my heart melt a little bit :)

And he is headed to a new year... flower for his teacher and an open heart for whats to come. Happy 1st day of school to our sweet (big) boy!

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