Wednesday, July 11, 2012

this will have to do!

When you live in the Mid-west and the closest thing to a sandy white beach is a plane ride away, all you can do is plug your nose and settle for the lakey green water and brown sandy beaches at your local state park :) Austin has never been to a beach and in the spring we had learned a little about oceans, so the beach topic came up. I, of course, was quick to plant Florida and Hawaii ideas in their head. I suppose it was a big let down when we took them to the local park beach last weekend! I think the only ones that minded a bit were the adults along though, because Austin has asked every day if we can go back to the beach instead of the pool :) We decided last minute to head to the beach with our neighbor friends and invited another family along too. I'm so glad we went, but I might have to bribe our adult tag-alongs with some serious treats next time to join us again!! ha!

 Carson's first time at the beach!

 Dad's scoping out the water options

 Carson loved digging around in the sand and I didn't mind...

 until he wouldn't stop eating it!! Ew. Dirty, dirty poop sand. Luckily it came right though a day later! Guess it's nic-name "poop sand" surely fits.

 Seriously. He wouldn't stop.

 Happy boy in the water
 This boy loved it too! He was care-free and loving every minute!

 toes in the sand...

And my only clear picture of Jaxon. Jaxon was so far off from shore that all my pictures of him are blurry. And I figured my neighbors would rather I not post their pictures on here of them in their swim-wear :) So, part of our beach crew here!


Rachael said...

Haha thanks for leaving me and my swimwear to the imagination ;)

Natalie said...

So...I happen to know of a few beautiful white sand beaches! I'm just an airplane ride away!! :)