Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sturgis Falls '12

Sturgis Falls was a HOT one this year! But, we still found our way to the big wheel race, music in the park, street fair, parade, and classic car show. Whew, makes me tired thinking about the heat and that line-up again! It was Carson's first Sturgis fun as well and I think next summer will be even better with a little babe who is ready to GO!

 Austin's 1st Big Wheel race...he did so good and had fun, which is all we cared about!

 Go Austin!

 Music in the park...traditionally, we usually head over to Overman to have dinner and watch the Bill Riley Kids Show after the Big Wheel Race. Even Dave makes an appearance for this night :) Over the years we've met the same friends in the same vicinity of the park and eaten the same food....and every year I look forward to doing the same thing again. Mini donuts and tenderloins just taste better at Sturgis Falls.

 Carson turned 11 months old over his first Sturgis Falls! Big Boy!

 And it is a campaign year, so you'll find the Hansen's walking in the parade to support our good friends as they work hard to represent our state of Iowa! Go Rogers & Reisetter!

 Sunday we head down for the Fun Run and this year we cheered on some familiar faces doing the half marathon!
 Good job, Uncle Cliff!
 This is one of my favorite pictures of Austin! He smiled from ear to ear the entire race...he was so happy and just having fun and simply enjoying the moment. I love it.

 And Jax was ready to race this year! He checked out his competition and ran hard...and only lost to one girl :) My competitive boy was quick to strategize for next year, ha!

 Our runners!

Waiting for our dear neighbor friend to come across the finish...

And she made it!! Great job, Rachael! We're so proud!!!

Another summer with Sturgis fun...never disappoints!

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