Monday, July 16, 2012

square footing it

From our first little apartment the summer we got married and through all our 3 little homes we've lived in the last 11 years, I have always had a garden of some size, shape, and form. Some years it has been a huge space in the yard and some years it has literally just been a few pots on my deck. I dream of a country yard fenced in with a garden plot big enough to feed my family and the neighbors all garden season long. I also dream of the time to make that happen :) I really enjoy gardening and though I am terrible at it some years, I always dig up some more dirt every spring. I want my boys to know the value in nurturing a garden, watching things grow, and benefiting from fresh produce. 
As I have gained more kids and lost more time I researched a bit about simple gardening. I came up with this: square foot gardens. I have a friend who has done it a few years and it made me excited to know hers works. I've read more then once that the closer a garden is to your door, the better care you give it. Maybe because you stare at it every time you walk by or maybe because watering is just too easy when it's right at your finger-tips. Whatever it is, I decided I wanted my garden as close to the house as possible. 
We have a funny floored back deck and the lower part gets great sun. This, I decided, was the token spot for a beginner square foot garden. Think raised bed on roof tops in the city. Thats what we have going on here. It's been a fun learning experience and with a couple changes for next spring to it, I think it's going to work well while we are in these busy little years.

 The boys painted rocks to name organize our veggie squares with.

 This garden plot calls for a special mix. I highly recommend the Square Foot Gardening book if you want to attempt this!
 Jaxon measuring off the square feet.

 We planted some already established plants and many from seed too.

 I love little helpers in the garden!

 I consider this a good day when my fingers are good and dirty from the garden :)

 The early stages. Still needs a back-drop net for our climbing things here and the fence is to keep our digging dog out. Darn Percy!!

First these are winding around the fence.

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