Thursday, July 19, 2012


I write this today smiling because these are OLD pictures! The shingles AND gutters are all ON!!! Once the shingle process started, it went fairly smooth. I wish the weather would have cooled off a few degrees for these guys, but every single one of them has been such a trooper. The new roof is looking rain proof and pretty. Happy! I think we were the only people in Black Hawk County praying for no rain while our house stood with tarps over it for so many days. I'm happy to say we are now on that rain train...come on rain, already!
 Hard workers!
 Dave's folks have been here around the clock in all this awful heat. If I could, I would send them on a mini vacation weekend away some place cool and relaxing!

 Some time in all the roofing days we discovered Carson LOVES a football. He found this one one night while I was getting a meal ready for the crew and he just grinned and did his spin move around the ball. He's gone to bed a few times with it still in hand because he won't put it down and if you have a ball in yours arms you better be out of sight because he will steal it!

 Austin begs to get up on the roof and a few times we have entertained the idea and let him go up. He's braver then me!

And if you want an idea of how hot is has been...look at my husband's shirt!

 Watching Dad closely...keeping him company.

 Don't the new shingles look nice?

 We closed down the day on top of the roof many times these past few weeks. It's nice to have our feet on the lower level of the house these days when the sun goes down :)


Noreen Saint said...

You're shingles looks nice! I bet that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. What happened to your old roof? Did it leak, or was it already past its lifetime?

Rufus Mcclure said...

Your family is so sweet, helping each other to install the new shingles! Even your husband’s parents helped too! Even though replacing shingles can be hard, doing it with your family can make it easier and fun. And by the way, I like the new shingles you have. It made the roof look pretty sturdy.