Saturday, July 14, 2012

settling in

The girls are settling in very well into their new home. The only thing left to do is make them a more stable fencing system and replace a broken plexiglass window panel. It won't be too long til our first egg appears! The boys are good about helping feed them and Austin does plenty of chicken holding. They are a quiet bunch of girls taking up their own little corner of the yard.
 Recently we've let them have some treats...spinach leaves strawberries, melon. Strawberries are their favorite!

 Austin mostly has this gal in his arms...his little Betty White.

 One morning the boys helped create the little ladder so the hens could walk right into their hutch. This is what they stayed in when they were younger. I guess habits are hard to break, because even with new roosts and boxes set up, they still prefer to put themselves into this hutch at night to sleep. When the sun goes down, you can count on these gals putting themselves to bed.

 Helping with chicken chores

Not too long til Carson can be allowed on the fun side of the fence :)

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