Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Fireworks?

Fourth of July here was spent doing our normal routine of working on the roof. The kids and I tried to get festive by making some fun red, white, and blue foods to spunk up the day a bit. Austin tagged along with some friends to try out the new splash pad in the area and then our friends joined us for lunch, which made the day a bit more of a celebration feel even while working. Dave's parents were here and we all just made the most of it. An early end to the work day made for good opportunity to all nap and then head to the pool. Dave doesn't especially enjoy the pool and the 4th is kind of his one day of the summer to come. Our tired crew all napped until 5ish so we headed over about 6 to have a picnic dinner and catch some splash action at the aquatic center. It was a weird end to the day with no fireworks to attend in town. We gathered around the TV and watched them from DC. We decided it would be awesome to actually see those in person some year...pretty great show. Even with no real fireworks we are thankful to live in America and all this land offers us.
 Festive Food

 Pool Time!

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