Friday, July 13, 2012

more roof days

Roofing Season here!

 One afternoon, our brother-in-law who coaches in Denver, brought some high-school boys down to help scrape shingles off. It was miserably hot and they all worked so hard. We were so appreciative!

Another night (or maybe the same one, they all blur together) all of Dave's sister's hubby's came to help out on top.
 These two stayed busy for 4 hours one day just pulling shingles off the ramp into the dumpster. Good little helpers! Not only did they get a bunch of shingles pulled down, but they put a lot of Popsicles down too :)

 Friends putting in lots of their nights to help us get this project thankful.

 If you walked by lately, this is the scene you saw...

 Carson hanging on my hip catching some action... garbage and tools and roof pieces behind him :)

 Menards delivered the shingles! yeah! The boys loved the big trucks.

 Delivering shingles

 And a little cold fun while we watch from the deck. Austin loved freeing his cars from the ice-block on a 115 day!

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