Monday, July 9, 2012

life lately

Our life lately has consisted of the sound of the hammer pounding and generous hands helping around here as we try to complete this roof project. We've had a variety of great friends and family show up to offer a hand and in the worst of conditions too! The cooler weather this week is a big welcome as we try to plow through and get this thing done!

 Grandpa and Uncle Kyle measuring, sawing, and placing boards just so get a new garage roof line created.

 Some days bring extra "little helpers" too :)

 Finding a little relief in the shade for a few minutes

 Lots of food flying out of the kitchen to feed the crew... hard workers need to eat well!

 It's taking shape!

 New roof coming together

 All the commotion exhausts my kids some days... I heard them making a fort and two minutes later they were both sound to sleep as people literally pounded right above their head!! Now that is some tired boys :)

 Faithful helpers!

 uncle Kyle leading some work

 The view from our garage :) It looks like a construction zone out there...oh wait, it is!

 Good looking group of volunteers! A couple of nights many of our guy friends and brothers-in-law/brothers came to scrape their little hearts out. Not a fun job, so thankful for their help and good attitudes while doing it! :)

Stay tuned... we're still roofing!

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