Monday, July 2, 2012

Last Day CeLeBrAtIOnS!!

My goodness, I am a bit behind in postings. My camera wouldn't down-load my pics for so long and now I have 400 pics to go through and catch up on :) Don't worry, I won't post all of those, ha!! Jaxon's last day of 2nd grade was a real breath of fresh of air. This last school year has been very different from past and I think we were all ready for summer break and onto 3rd grade. I wanted to make the day special for him,so I let him plan some last day celebrations for the family to do. He likes planning things and he likes knowing whats coming up to look forward to. I think the biggest thing he was looking forward to though was summer and the temps were perfect those last days to get you in the summer spirits. Our 8 year old spent a lot of this year growing, his little soul that is, and (growing physically-he started the year in a size 12 shoe and ended the year in a 3 1/2!!) we know it was hard at times, but he has come a long way and we're so proud of him. He brought a list home from school of his favorites things from the year and my heart swelled to see home-school was on it. Just confirmed that our change in the year was good, for all of us. He loved butterfly experiments and special field trips and math centers and football with friends and gym class too, amongst other things. But now we are into summer...Summer is our time to celebrate and breathe a bit...welcome summer!

 Jaxon wanted cherry turn-overs...from the box. (Thank you, Katie, for introudicing my kids to these :)

 Carson enjoyed his own while we prepped for the big boys to eat.

 Yeah! last day!!

 So big...

 After school we hung out and played...these kids we surround ourselves with just keep making for sweet childhood pals and memories. I know I will blink and these days will be gone all too soon, but I hope these relationships last forever.

 We went out for ice-cream and then returned home to kick off summer in style... with our pool bags packed, water activities ready for the yard, and summer food sizzeling. (Austin helped make the sweetest summer sign and wrote an even sweeter message to Jax..."you are the best big brother...etc, etc")

 And we ended the day with one of our summer wish-list activities...a baseball game! Nothing says summer is here like popcorn, peanuts, and baseball!

Two dads and all their BOYS!

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Kris Hoskinson said...

by the way, mark's favorite treat is box made cherry turnovers;)