Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bikin' baby

Usually, we get a bunch of bike rides in during the spring/summer months. I wish I could say the same for this year, but honestly we have gone on a total of two family bike rides this year. The first attempt we let Austin ride his bike with training wheels and we just couldn't get enough of a flow to go very far. The second time we put both little boys in the bike trailer with Dad pulling and we wheeled around town for a longer route. Now its just plain too hot to trek with these kids, but I am hoping to get some more use out of our wheeled accessories come this fall. I knew Carson would be a wild card so I entertained him with some food and making goofy faces to him as I rode behind. Feels like yesterday that Austin and his little buddies Avery & Jacob were riding in this thing together. Now he looks so big and soon will be cruising on his own bike while Carson stretches out and enjoys the easy life!

 Double passengers!

 Going solo!
PS Just ignore the pile of stuff in the old garage... it was the start of a garage sale pile that had to find its way back into my house when construction started on the garage. Now we just have to finish the new garage so we can have the sale :)

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