Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st B-day on the road!

Carson celebrated his first birthday buckled down to his car-seat for a majority of the day, but we found a couple ways to have some fun while we drove the 7 hours north to our lake side cabins for the week. For a boy who likes to move, he did fairly well considering the circumstances. He got a couple birthday gifts as we drove and the new toys entertained for awhile. He mostly liked holding onto his football and eating/throwing cheerios. By the time we arrived to our location he was eager to crawl around and stretch those busy legs!
 Breakfast for the birthday boy while we pack around him.

 Staying entertained in the van...
 We stopped at Chutes & Ladders Park in the cities half way...he loved it! This is one awesome playground/park area for all ages and our newly 1 year old had a bunch of fun exploring the grounds! We will definitely come back.
 Love this smile. He is so easy to play with and get these!

 Dad took him through the water misters and it was so fun to hear a ripple of giggles as he ran through with his Dada.
 Rare pic...Dad actually smiling :)
 Climbing all the high spots of course.

Busy, busy, busy boy! Once we pulled in he hit the ground cruising!

 The cousins were so sweet and had hung a Happy Birthday banner for Carson in our cabin. 
 And the party began and ended in about 10 minutes :) This boy was so tired, the bugs were biting, and the kids were anxious to eat... we sang to our 1 year old and let him dive into his cake. I couldn't resist and make him a dirt cake since he loves to eat sand and dirt so much!!! :)

 As you can see... he loved it :)

Happy 1st Birthday to our boy who is full of life and ready to go! We love your cute little crabby self that has the best smiles for your mama and dada!!!

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