Sunday, June 17, 2012

you're the one that I want

My hubs is not big into Mothers/Fathers Day...but I find these designated days a great time to pause anyways and be deeply, quietly, and heart-fully thankful to be given these roles in our journey together. As I spend my day with my kids dad doing nothing too special other then be together at home doing everyday stuff, I find my heart swelling with gratitude that God gave me him and our 3 crazy boys to do life with. Dave has been just what I needed along this journey of almost 12 years together and whether I like it or not at times, he makes me who I am more and more each year. 

Dave has been more then I could have imagined as a dad. Each year he just gets better, like good wine. My boys look up to him so much, they really care what Dad thinks of them, and they copy everything he does. Dave works his tail off to provide for our family in so many ways. He is my go-to guy and the one who deals with this woman's ups and downs, like it or not :) He is full of life, fun, and keeps me on my toes. Most of all, he has a heart for Jesus and that makes me follow him even more. At the end of the day when I am exhausted and don't take the time to say it, he is always the one that I want to start and end my days with. So like it or not, babe, I am celebrating Father's Day for you and couldn't be happier with a more perfect dad in this house to raise this flock of boys! We all love you, even the dogs, and maybe even the chickens :) Happy Father's Day to the one that I want!

Two of my favorite pictures from this year...

Dave with his three sons all gathered together for the first time. Blessed.

And this pic that Dave's sister sent to me last fall. It's an oldie and I had never seen it until this last year. This is the summer I was pregnant with Jaxon...the journey started and we had no idea what would be in-store. It's been one heck of a trip so far. And I'd pick this guy all over again in a heart-beat to do it again.

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