Friday, June 29, 2012


Memorial Day came and went awhile ago, but it was a weekend packed with house projects and remembering. Last year a friend of mine took her kids to the Vets downtown and it looked like a great spot to visit, so I tucked that little information in my head for this year. I just wanted a little something for my kids to do to get a small picture of what Memorial day is and the people we celebrate it for. Living in the USA is such a blessing in so many ways and I am grateful for this land. I want my kids to be proud and feel blessed too. And be thankful to those who have gone before us and still today are living their life to protect our country. 

Dave was tackling a project and Jax was his right hand man, so while Carson napped I took Austin to visit his little buddy's grave-site and then we headed to the Flags flying at the Vets. It was a great little trip with sweet little conversations and well worth the organizing to make happen. Austin wanted to take balloons to Ben's grave and he chose a truck (because he loves trucks), green (his favorite color), and a happy birthday balloon (becasue he loves birthday cake :) for him...and tied them to a caterpillar because Austin has loved that book this last year. I am constantly reminded through my children just how simple faith can be.

The flags are really pretty and we showed up just as they finished a little program, so Austin saw a few vets which was also neat. As we drove home he told me "when I growed up I will be a soldier and live on my farm, but you can see me there". Love, love these little minds and their willingness to dream up their best versions of themselves. And a little one on one time with this guy made for a pretty fun little morning! I left thinking we needed to make that happen a little more too :)

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