Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my 11 mth old!

11 months. I can hardly believe it's been almost a full year since we brought this little monkey home. Seems like a blur of days since then and the fact that he will round a corner and be one next month just seems crazy to me. 
Oh Carson baby, what do I say about you... You are FULL of life. You are eager and ready to go and know what you want. You are filled with energy and giggles, yet know you have a voice to be heard. You are persistent and intrigued by the people around you. You are a watcher and notice your surroundings all the time. You love your brothers and they make you laugh so much. You love your blue blanket and will tackle it on the ground to lay your whole body on it. You love the dogs and don't seem to mind them all up in your space. You are traveling everywhere. Climbing on things and pulling yourself up to anything with a little bit of height and cruising along furniture. You stand on your own and seem to be pleased that you can let go and be free. I won't be surprised if you walk soon! Your hair is white blonde and you remind me of your dad's baby pictures. In the middle of roofing and Sturgis Falls, you turned 11 months and these were my quick before bed attempts at some pics of you... Of course, you'd rather chase the dog then sit still, but I suppose we wouldn't recognize you any other way! Happy 11 months Carson baby! We'll be blowing out candles soon!

And one of my favorite pics of Austin is below... this boy and his pets make me smile everyday :)

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