Friday, June 15, 2012

field day

Jaxon lives for games and activities. He is constantly making up games in the back-yard and recording his scores, placings, and team names on random sheets of paper all over the house. Who has two thumbs and was super stoked about field day at school? This kid!! It's a fun afternoon filled with a variety of games and the classes just move from station to station to play each one. Parents and siblings are encouraged to come watch and hang out and it ends up being a pretty fun event for all. This was one of the last few days of school and my game loving boy looked so old as I walked right by the kindergartners and headed to the upper play-ground. The days are long, but the years really are so short. These kids are so fun to see grow up together and in no time we'll be walking up to the dome to watch real games while this crew of pals gets some real playing time finally!

 Time-out to see the little brothers...

 And he's off...

 pretty engaged!

A little pizza party to end the fun day!

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