Saturday, June 30, 2012

every boy needs...

A TREE FORT! When we moved to our house just over 8 years ago, we had dreams for what our home would be. It's takes a lot of time to make your home what you well as money and the perfect situations. It seems each year we tweek a bit more to make it our own. This is one project i was super excited to see come together. Our house came with a bazillion decks and well, one family can only really use one or two :) One morning I found Dave just chain sawing down one of our decks that literally goes untouched. While it made me a bit nervous, he worked away and before I knew it we had a big empty spot where a tall deck once stood. Over the course of a few weeks we gathered some recycled wood and left over paint and after a long day of Dave and Jax working side by side...they finished with one fun little tree fortish area for our boys. Austin loves it and spends a lot of time racing cars and making food in it. It's just off our screen porch where we hang out a lot and has become a perfect addition to our little home. Dave is learning so much with his new job and Jaxon is at an age where he is really becoming helpful in some big ways. I love the new tree fort for many reasons, but most of all because it was built with 4 hands that mean the world to me and they did it together. I don't have a most recent picture, but it is even painted wonderfully and ready for action! Good job Hansen boys!!

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