Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh baby, 10 months!

Wow, 10 months. All I can say is..."Oh Baby, we've almost made it!"  This third son of mine is full of life. From the very beginning, when he refused to sleep in the hospital nursery and wanted to nurse all night long for 3 nights straight to knowing just when to screech or get our attention over the littlest things... this child has pushed me like no other son of mine has in his first year of life. And I couldn't be more thankful for it. While I miss good sleep, I don't miss not seeing more clearly. This baby boy is showing me so much about life and he is full of it himself! He is dramatic and full of energy and happy and likes to be heard. Carson Baby, is making this family better rounded people and just is a joy to have!

At 10 months he loves to crawl and climb...everywhere. He is into everything. He "talks" to us...a soft whisper of "pa pa pa" or "ma ma ma ma" or "ba ba ba ba". He can get mad when he wants to. He loves peek-a-boo and his brothers funny faces. He walks along furniture. He loves the animals we have around here. He likes stroller rides, unless you stop, then he is done and wants OUT! He is still nursing, but hardly sits still to fill up each time. He loves to eat...anything really. He is a champ at the table and loves all his fruits/veggies and just started trying some chicken. He is very blond and weighed in at around 21lbs. He loves his blue soft blanket and green binkie to sleep with. And as of this week, he has slept through the night a few times!!! Whoo-hoo! We'll be cruising into his first birthday in no time!

 He loves his dogs...

 He makes silly faces by squishing his nose up and showing off his teeth...

 He LOVES big brother, Jaxon...

 He moves. Always. Enough said.

 He loves kisses from Percy...yuck!


 He started on his sippy cup and does fairly well...

 Meal times and changing diapers or getting dressed are exhausting... he hates being still and being held down. I must admit, I only change his poopy dipes anymore because I'd rather avoid the wrestling match and some afternoons he just goes nakey to avoid the screaming from getting clothes on!

 Walking along the bench like he owns it! Slow down, Mister!!!

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