Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama Made, a business...oh yes she did!

Okay, Mama made a business...with a whole village of people behind her to get her there! If you haven't heard by now, it is true, I have started a new little business. Mama Made is my new little (BIG) adventure and opening day was just this last Saturday. I convinced my super talented and super fun sister-in-law, Heidi, to join up with me to create the most kid-friendly farmers market booth in Black-Hawk County. While I am busy whipping up a variety of First Flavors made fresh baby-food for many little ones out there, Heidi is sewing away and gathering items to put those babes in cloth diapers and including cloth swim dipes, cloth wet wipes, nursing pads, mama clothes, cute crochet hats, and a small variety of home-made toys. Oh, and if you aren't feeding babies, you can also grab a Sweet Second from our market booth that I bake using my baby-food (you'd be surprised what you can sneak into many baked yummies)! 
I have lots of thoughts on this new adventure, but if you want to read about that...jump over to my "In the Trenches" link. I'm still trying to sort out all my feelings from the last month of getting here!! Here's a few pictures from our first market. We were pretty nervous those first couple hours, but the morning ended up being fun and new and kinda exciting. If you like a good farmers market...come visit us on Saturday mornings on 3rd & Clay downtown CF!

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