Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh baby, 10 months!

Wow, 10 months. All I can say is..."Oh Baby, we've almost made it!"  This third son of mine is full of life. From the very beginning, when he refused to sleep in the hospital nursery and wanted to nurse all night long for 3 nights straight to knowing just when to screech or get our attention over the littlest things... this child has pushed me like no other son of mine has in his first year of life. And I couldn't be more thankful for it. While I miss good sleep, I don't miss not seeing more clearly. This baby boy is showing me so much about life and he is full of it himself! He is dramatic and full of energy and happy and likes to be heard. Carson Baby, is making this family better rounded people and just is a joy to have!

At 10 months he loves to crawl and climb...everywhere. He is into everything. He "talks" to us...a soft whisper of "pa pa pa" or "ma ma ma ma" or "ba ba ba ba". He can get mad when he wants to. He loves peek-a-boo and his brothers funny faces. He walks along furniture. He loves the animals we have around here. He likes stroller rides, unless you stop, then he is done and wants OUT! He is still nursing, but hardly sits still to fill up each time. He loves to eat...anything really. He is a champ at the table and loves all his fruits/veggies and just started trying some chicken. He is very blond and weighed in at around 21lbs. He loves his blue soft blanket and green binkie to sleep with. And as of this week, he has slept through the night a few times!!! Whoo-hoo! We'll be cruising into his first birthday in no time!

 He loves his dogs...

 He makes silly faces by squishing his nose up and showing off his teeth...

 He LOVES big brother, Jaxon...

 He moves. Always. Enough said.

 He loves kisses from Percy...yuck!


 He started on his sippy cup and does fairly well...

 Meal times and changing diapers or getting dressed are exhausting... he hates being still and being held down. I must admit, I only change his poopy dipes anymore because I'd rather avoid the wrestling match and some afternoons he just goes nakey to avoid the screaming from getting clothes on!

 Walking along the bench like he owns it! Slow down, Mister!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

spring catch up's

I can feel summer around the corner. I love when new seasons creep in. They are exciting and there is always something to look forward to. Today my boys were laying in any little puddle of water left over from watering grass and I knew summer was just around the corner. Here's just a few catch-up photos from spring and then I forgot to post Easter too, oops. I will get to that after these quickies.

 May Day baskets of course. We had so much fun with little visitors bringing some to our's such a fun day and the boys enjoy making and delivering baskets to a handful of pals. This year, we got started so late in the day that we never made it to any of our W'loo friends...bummer. We'll have to head that way first next year!

 This might be one of the last photos of him in this seat. He crawls onto and out of everything. I turned around the other day to  find him sitting on top of the table dumping my salt shaker. He is like a little Houdini, seriously.

 walks, walks, walks! We have gone on so many walks this spring...almost everyday. Sometimes right before naps and school in the afternoons, sometimes right after this session at our house, or right after dinner. I love family walks!

 The boys have been keeping up with their chicken duties for the most part. Here they are getting the girls ready to move to the hutch! More on that to come soon over on my food blog...

 We celebrated Papa Jon's 60th birthday! We offered to take him out and he preferred dinner at our house. The last meal out with him I spent it wrestling Carson to stay still and keeping Austin from falling out of his too big chair. I am sure eating out with our boys is probably less then ideal for some people :)

 We enjoyed a little country night out for a good cause! We love coming out each year to support Wild About the Child events for Wildwood Hills Ranch...check out their website,   Such a great camp!!

Spring has been full this year, but filled with many great moments. A bit more to come... but then we'll be onto summer...yeah!

Friday, May 11, 2012

days like this

I try really hard to create places amongst our home that encourage family togetherness, calmness, relaxation, and simplicity. Nothing is more bonding then reading books on an outside over-sized swing together with no distractions and then taking a little nap surrounded by God's world. I love our back-yard and I especially love our back-yard when my kids find it to be their perfect nesting place. I wish I could have curled up next to him! He slept for 1.5 hours here!
Happy Friday everyone! Hope you find that cozy spot in your own home this weekend for a little relaxing of your own :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama Made, a business...oh yes she did!

Okay, Mama made a business...with a whole village of people behind her to get her there! If you haven't heard by now, it is true, I have started a new little business. Mama Made is my new little (BIG) adventure and opening day was just this last Saturday. I convinced my super talented and super fun sister-in-law, Heidi, to join up with me to create the most kid-friendly farmers market booth in Black-Hawk County. While I am busy whipping up a variety of First Flavors made fresh baby-food for many little ones out there, Heidi is sewing away and gathering items to put those babes in cloth diapers and including cloth swim dipes, cloth wet wipes, nursing pads, mama clothes, cute crochet hats, and a small variety of home-made toys. Oh, and if you aren't feeding babies, you can also grab a Sweet Second from our market booth that I bake using my baby-food (you'd be surprised what you can sneak into many baked yummies)! 
I have lots of thoughts on this new adventure, but if you want to read about that...jump over to my "In the Trenches" link. I'm still trying to sort out all my feelings from the last month of getting here!! Here's a few pictures from our first market. We were pretty nervous those first couple hours, but the morning ended up being fun and new and kinda exciting. If you like a good farmers market...come visit us on Saturday mornings on 3rd & Clay downtown CF!

 Find us on facebook here... Like our page to keep up to date with new flavors, patterns, and what's going on down at market all season long!