Friday, April 27, 2012

speaking of eggs

With all the chicken talk around here, I almost forgot to post about these eggs! Some friends of ours had a super fun idea to "egg" us :) My boys loved it! We of course had to pass it on... each family did 2 other families and I think the pattern was making it's way to a bunch of yards around Easter time! Great idea, Hofferts and Williams! All you do is fill Easter eggs with candy, sneakily hide them in your friends yard, knock on the door and run and hide! It was too cute to watch our friend's little ones find the eggs and then get to surprise them. I like this so much, it may get added to our tradition list.

What!?!? We've been egged!?!?

finding the eggs
Our egging crew!

We ganged up with another family to egg our good friend, Addelyn... the babes were real troopers :)

ready to do some egging!
hiding and waiting

then we headed to our good buddies...Mason, Jillian, and Jentry!

Fun, fun!

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