Friday, April 13, 2012


These brothers make me smile. They have their moments like all siblings do when one is driving the other crazy or torturing one another or fighting about a plastic cup (really, they argued over a cup a few days ago). But they have some of the best moments together too. Having Jaxon home more in the afternoons has been so good for fellowship amongst us members that are home during this part of the day together. Jax and Austin have had some really, really good time to just be each others helper, playmate, and pal. I was preparing dinner in the kitchen the other night and I heard rolls of laughter from the family room. They were watching Funniest Home Video's (must take after me, I crack up at this show and Dave is embarrassed every time I watch it and just die laughing). I snuk back and watched them laugh and laugh and laugh. Laughter from little boys is something I love to hear in this house. I will never ever tire from this noise being my background as I work away in the kitchen!

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