Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carson, 9 months and counting

April has been a month of new things around here and Carson is no exception! He is busy as ever. He officially is crawling and crawling he does!! Between his worm scoot and his crawl he can get anywhere he wants to on ground level. He also will attempt to get down from any high level, head first. This boy is a mover and loves to chase you, follow you, find you hiding behind a wall, and keep up with you walking around the house. He either likes to be on the ground moving, on my hip, or playing with random things he finds on the floor :) He loves food too and will try anything. His favorites are cheerios, avocado, carrots and sweet potatoes. He prefers veggies over fruits and will try to grab any food we have on our plate. I let him use mashed potatoes the other night for "art time" and after the diaper I got to change later, I think I'll wait on anymore of those just yet. :) Carson still enjoys books, things that shake and make a noise, stroller rides, wagon rides, exploring the grass in the yard, faces, the dogs, and of course the chicks. Oh, and he loves to put anything and everything in his mouth still. Yuck. His blond hair is getting thicker and he is wearing 9 month clothes mostly, some 12 month stuff. He is sleeping great most days still and nights are fine, predictable at least :) He loves his binkie and blue blankie at nap time and is a tummy sleeper. He "coo's" or talk to himself to settle in before nap or as he rides in his car-seat. He has 4 teeth and I won't be surprised if he walks before 1, like Jaxon did. These Hansen boys...always got something to be moving around for. I attempted to snap his pictures on Sunday, but he moved so quick I had to reposition him about 10 times!! Carson is a sweet boy and I can hardly believe we'll be blowing out candles for his first birthday in just a few months.

About the only time you will see him still...sound asleep after a full day of playing. (He also slept in his crib for the first time over-night on his 9 month mark on life...until 2am at least :)

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Alana said...

Carson is adorable, Jess! You are one lucky mama! ;)