Monday, April 9, 2012

8 months, here and gone

As I down-loaded pictures I realized I never posted Carson baby's 8 month stats! He is doing so much too in the last few weeks! At 8 months Carson still does not sleep through the night. I'm so used to it though, it has become my new normal. I'm pretty excited when I can say that for the opposite. He does sleep semi-routinely though...down around 7:30-8:30, up between 11-1, up between 4-6, and up for the morning between 6:30-7:30. He has however fallen into a pretty rock-star routine for napping, which I'm so thankful for and I do about everything to be sure I am home with him at nap time! Usually, he goes down for a morning nap between 9-930 and sleeps anywhere from 1.5-3 hrs. In the afternoon, depending on when he woke up from morning nap, he goes back down anywhere from 1-2:30 and sleeps about 2-3 hrs again. Happy, happy mom and baby on these good napping days! Carson scoots everywhere, literally. He has scooted down the steps as I followed him, across the house, across beds, across the yard, and on his 8 month mark started to pull himself up to standing. He puts everything in his mouth and I prevent a serious choking incident at least once a day. It's hard with other young kids here to keep our floors clear of little items and he has mastered finding every nook and cranny to pull things out of. He is always moving. Okay, almost always. He wiggles, kicks his feet, and is bouncing almost my lap, in his high-chair, as he eats, while I hold him. He just likes to move. He loves the dogs, his big brother Jaxon, his mama, his daddy, and finds Austin either very amusing or way too loud and just cries as Austin whizzes by him. Carson loves the outdoors and enjoys riding in the back-pack for hikes at Hartman, swinging at the park, and going for walks. His hair is officially a light blond color these days and he weighed in at 20 lbs even right at 8 months. He's pretty content exploring the floors, eating cheerios, and on my hip. Carson baby is growing so fast! What a blessing he's been!

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