Sunday, March 25, 2012

double the fun!

Sleep-overs are super fun, but they are even more fun with double the kids! Some of our good friends have kids the same ages as our boys (what a blessing!)...and when the opportunity came up for both big kids from both families to sleep-over, we had some pretty excited 7 and 4 year olds!! This was Jaxon's and Mason's numerous sleep-over with each other, but this was Ausin's very 1st sleep-over with a friend and I think the same for Jillian too. Much fun to be had with this group!

We made pizza and the boys also picked up their Book-It pizzas after earning them from reaching their reading goals.
 They played a ton, but ended the day with a pajama dance party contest. Prizes went out for various dance moves and styles :)

Love these kids!
 And what's a sleep-over without movie and popcorn!

 They all wanted to snooze together, so we blew up the old air mattress and piled them in...

...and believe it or not, they were all sound to sleep before 10pm!!

And I was asleep by 10:01 :)