Saturday, February 18, 2012

when it is winter

Wow! February is flying by so fast. I love that it is already starting to stay light til 530 or so and we can stay outside longer... by the end of winter we have to get VERY creative to keep things hopping here. Before we know it we will be planting gardens and riding bikes in the driveway everyday again, yeah! But while it is still just a bit cold in the mornings to be outside just yet and the warm afternoons only last 1-2 hours, we are finding some fun things to keep us going...

 Saturday morning Kids Frosty Flicks. We've been taking advantage of the $2 movie deals for kids on a few weekends. we've made it a cousins event a couple times and it's been fun to gather the crew. Even Jaz & Carson get a little face to face time in :) Here they are checking each other out.

 Obstacle course! Our front room has been many things at different, it was an obstacle course for a rowdy group!

 We've made some baby food and let Carson have some taste... he liked the banana the first night and a few nights later loved the carrots! Go Baby!

 Dave found some time to surprise me with a new sink!! I had no clue and LOVE it. He did good!
 Carson loves it too!! (and so does my back at bath time!!)

 Last minute play dates... :)
 And if all else fails...just have mom squeeze into the dress-up clothes and chase you around the basement :) The things we do for our kids...

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Becky Bartlett said...

Oh, Jess... that last picture cracked me up!! :)