Thursday, February 16, 2012

A weak moment...

...will get you one of these! Austin fell in love with these puppies at Thanksgiving and by his birthday he had mom & dad doing a "trial period" with one from the puppy litter. Once he was named by day 2 I knew deep down, he was a keeper. Sucker! Percy joined us 2 months ago already and while he was a normal new puppy at first (peeing everywhere) he did train fairly easily and is bell trained. He has caught on quick and most days is totally accident free. Of course, he is in the bite everything stage that is our next challenge. A year from now he will be a great kids dog I believe and for now is cute enough to get away with a little mischief :) Kinda like our kids, ha! 

 First night at our house

 First days at our home...Austin just loved up on him all the time.

 Just watching for Jaxon to come home from school...
Welcome little one! You are lucky I have had no sleep and my judgment has been thrown off a bit...why not add a puppy in the middle of winter over the holidays with a sick baby at home.... why not? :)

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Jamie Smith said...

Was this one from your brother's puppies they had? I saw them on FB and soooo tempting. Westie/poodle mixes? What a cutie!!!