Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dells '12, at the parks!

This is post two of our Dells trip... I decided half way through the week that a vacation with children should be called a family trip instead. The term vacation leads me to believe that there may be much down time and lazy moments and relaxation. Don't get me wrong, we had some of that... but we had A LOT of busy fun time too!!! I think I need a vacation after our family trip :) Another great thing about the Dells...PLENTY to do right where we stay! There are 4 indoor water-parks and an indoor playground and huge arcade. We have so much fun down at the waters and the kids always sleep well after a day there! We had a fun crew with the Homan crew and the Rogers and Hoskinson's were there the same week too. Lots of kids, lots of laughs, lots of fun! Can't wait for next year... I may be ready to go back by then :)

 mastering the water obstacles... I attempted this and my arms about fell off!

 Monster did it too! I loved hearing Jaxon cheer him on!

 Austin lives for this green slide! He loves it! I must agree, it's pretty fun to go down with them on here :)

 Carson was a trooper, for the most part. He came into the trip with double ear infection... but the parks and wave pool were a nice distraction for him (and mom!!).

 Austin braved a few tube slides this time... he was pretty proud of himself.

 Vacation neighbors! Too fun!

 More vacation neighbors... Hoskinson's. Mark is always up for being the "fun guy" wherever we go... what a great place to be that chosen guy :)

 Jaxon & Amber spent an entire morning in the wave pool. That night as Jax fell asleep he said he felt like he was floating away :)

 Carson only got in a couple times, but he loved both tries. Yes, another water baby! Makes this mama happy!

 Family pic

 Lazy river!

 Uncle Aaron seemed to just keep getting kids dumped on him in the lazy river... oops, thanks Uncle Aaron!!

 Miss Eisley was the youngest on this trip... she did great! (I think?) :)

 Jaxon convinced me to do the Hurricane. Being a mom of all boys, I know I have have lots of years of going out of my comfort zone to do many "big and exciting" ventures... including water rides that shoot you out at full speed and spin you around until you almost fly off the tube. Welcome to my life. I have to admit. It was kinda fun :)

 Jaxon also convinced our friend, Katie :) (sorry about that)

 Brothers chasing down the green slide

 Dad trying to hide, I think? :)

 We did go out for 1 meal. This restaurant delivers your drinks and food by train. Pretty cool! Entertaining baby brother here as we wait.

 Austin thought this was the coolest thing ever!

Our Dells partners in crime :) Thanks Homan's for another fun trip! Thanks friends for making it a great week!

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