Friday, February 24, 2012

the boys @ 7 months

Isn't it so fun to compare your kids baby pictures? I can tell the difference in almost all of them, but a few have me double checking to make sure I guessed the right baby! With almost 8 years since we started having babies, there is also such a change in how I store pictures! All of Jaxon's first year pictures are from a 35mm camera, printed off and stored in albums. Austin and Carson's are all downloaded on our computer, saved away for printing "someday". Here are our boys all right around 7 months. I will be posting on my current 7 month old later today hopefully :)

JAXON @ 7 months...sitting up and crazy happy all the time!

AUSTIN @ 7 months... very laid back and go with the flow, happy little guy!

CARSON @ 7 months... pretty darn happy when not sick and scooting everywhere! Just barely started sitting up, as in about 2 days ago :)

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Becky Bartlett said...

Ha! I'm cracking up because I think I see Full House in the background? Such sweet little guys...