Monday, February 27, 2012

7 month baby

Carson at 7 months...where do I start? For starters, I think we have finally kicked the ear infection roller-coaster ride. It started in December and between the ears, the congested chest, and snotty nose... I think we've both lost plenty of sleep and couldn't be more ready for spring and healthy babies! I honestly feel like I am just getting to know the "real" Carson. He's been sick for so long and not normal that I am not sure what his real demeanor is. He actually is a very happy baby, really. I have loved these last couple weeks where he has been himself more and wanting to do something other then be held, pull his ears, or cry :(  He is very animated, reminds me of Jaxon a lot. He smiles and giggles a bunch, he scoots everywhere, is sitting up (not the best, but can do it), started eating 1 veggie a day about 2 weeks ago and seems to love it (carrots first), transitioned from our bed to his pack n play right next to our bed (we're still figuring our nights out now that he is feeling better!), and loves to be outside. He is so fun to sit and play with. He loves faces. He loves big brother Jaxon. He loves to put everything in his mouth. He loves books still. He loves stroller rides around our block. He loves our dogs and will grab at them if they are in reach. He loves to talk. Yes, I have another talker I believe! He will "talk" while he's playing, talk to you if you give him good face to face time, talk while I am singing, talk while in his carseat. He has a pretty fun personality and I expect him to be fitting right in with his big brothers in no time. Oh, and he has 2 bottom teeth and 1 on top coming in.

In the past couple months, I found myself at times, actually kind of sad because he has been sick and miserable and I was bummed I was missing out on really sweet, fun baby moments. I am so thankful he is coming around and getting better. I have enjoyed the wonderful times we've had lately getting to just have fun together, instead of just taking care of each other. Even though I need some serious sleep, I love snuggling him when he settles in with me at night and I love laying on the floor and having him scoot to me. I love getting him to laugh and watching him tune into his brothers and dad. These days do seem long at times, but the months are just flying by. So fast. This sweet baby boy is just the best and we sure love him.

 Oops... he found a red marker. My heart fell to the floor when I found him like this and thought it was blood!! He thought it was very funny.

 First Valentine's Day! (you know you are the 3rd kid when mom didn't even think twice about getting you a cute Valentine outfit and your big brothers had their's picked out weeks before the fun day!) "quick, throw a Valentines headband on him for a picture" :)

 Finally learned to sit up about 2 days before turning 7 months.

 Jaxon loves to write his monthly signs. Here Carson was holding it so well. Jaxon sure is a good big brother and helper.

 Baby boy starting to fill up the basket!

 Happy 7 months, sweet baby boy!

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