Saturday, January 28, 2012

our 6 month baby

Yes, it's true! Our baby is 6 months old and how these months have flown by! He is cruising along towards 1 year old at a rate I can't seem to slow down (except the sleepless nights, they seem to be sticking around like forever!). As I viewed my 5 month post about him I find it sad I am still dealing with a sick boy. He has spent the last couple months battling croup, RSV, runny noses, and ear infections.... currently on his 3rd round of ear infections (both ears might I add) and the wheezy breathing started in the night just last night again. Can this kid get a break? Gheesh! Poor babe!! Other then constantly trying to get better, he is a happy boy who loves to be held, loves to kick his legs, bounce in the jumpy thing, look at books, and watch his brothers. He also loves the outside (we've gone on a few walks this winter, crazy!) and turns out he loves the water. He took his first trip to the Dells last week and LOVES the water. Good thing. since we live at the pool in the summer :) He weighed in at 18lbs 11oz this week, seems to be turning more blonde, and reminds me of a butter ball at the moment :) He has his first two bottom teeth, is up on all fours all the time and scooting around the floor, but not sitting up yet, loves his binkie and his fingers too. Little Mister is learning more each day!

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