Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dells Vacay '12, in the room

My hubby is a vacation finder king. Time and time again, he scopes out the possibilities and narrows in at just the right time to find us one heck of a deal for a family trip. If it weren't for him, and a little creativity when it comes to meals on my part, we wouldn't do any trips near as often!! He always finds us a great place to stay, fun things to do, and I usually can organize some meals so we don't have to eat out all week. I think we make a good team :)  One thing we love about the Dells and why we keep going back... the complete relaxed atmosphere. The rooms we stay in are so nice and we love just sitting around, relaxing, hanging out, catching up with Aaron & Heidi (we do this trip with Dave's sis & fam), playing games, eating a lot of snacks, and just being together. It's pretty great. Here are some pics from our "in room" time... I will post water-park pics next! And, a special perk this year... two of our family friends were our neighbors this year! Bonus!

 wii games

 checkers tournament

 movie night!

 cousins hanging out

 more games

 Austin tried to skip his name one day while we played long into the afternoon at the water slides... he cashed out on us around 5 though :)

 Carson and Aunt Heidi

 Laying around...

 Snuggling before bed

 Lots of eating together! Lots.

 Sweet jacuzzi tubs in our master suites! (they have swim shorts on!! :)

brothers hanging out :)

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